The LED Mask Unveiled: The Functions of Each Light Source

Each light has different effects and can deal with different skin problems.

Red: Known as "biological active light," the Red LED can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism and promote collagen formation. With a wavelength of 630nm, is helps with lightening dark spots, rejuvenating the skin and removing wrinkles by increasing skin elasticity, improving skin condition, repairing damaged skin, shrinking pores, and tightening skin.

Blue: The Blue LED can reduce acne in its inflammatory phase. At a wavelength function of  470nm, it can kill bacteria, eliminate and inhibit inflammation without damaging skin tissue, leaving no scars and pigment. 

Green: We all seek balance and stability in our lives. The Green LED will help you achieve that in your facial skin. With a wavelength of 520nm, Green neutralizes and reduces skin oil secretion by balancing the proportion of water and oil, which effectively relieves mental tension, dredges lymph and drainage swelling. 

Yellow: A Yellow LED treatment at 590nm wavelength, helps improve the exchange of cell oxygen, replenish energy to skin cells, decompose pigment, promote lymphatic detoxification, improve skin roughness and wrinkles. Yellow is ideal for treatment of skin redness or  fever as it can enhance skin immunity. 

Purple: This is the dual frequency of red and blue light combined. It combines the effects of both lights, specifically in the treatment of acne and repairing the skin.

Turquoise: It can gradually enhance cell energy and promote metabolism. 

White: Penetrates deep skin, accelerates metabolism of active tissue, decomposes spots, improve fine lines and skin relaxation.